Happy New Year from Sindyanna!

Sindyanna to Exhibit at SIAL 2014

We will be exhibiting at the SIAL tradeshow, which will be held in Paris October 19-23. It is the world's major agri-food event with more than 6,000 exhibitors and 150,000 high profile visitors, including the top French and international decision-makers.

It will be great to see all our friends and partners who are either local or visiting the show! Sindyanna's stand will be in 4M 020-12 (Israel pavilion)


Sindyann'a olive oil wins another medal!

The olive oil marketed by Sindyanna of Galilee has won a Prestige Gold Medal in Terra Olivo competition 2014 in Jerusalem. This is the 5th time in a row that Sindyanna's fair trade olive oil wins this international award.

Sindyanna Featured in Time Out Israel

Sindyanna's olive oil (and our photos) were highlighted in David Rhodes' article about the world of Israeli olives and the best local varieties. You can read the full article on the Time Out site (pages 18-24).

He writes: ''As an established symbol of peace, olives and their oil can play a great role in promoting home and cooperation in the region. Israel's President Shimon Peres sparked a peace initiative between Israel, Jordan and Palestinian authorities to plant a million olive trees in the Jordan River valley. Whether these trees are more valuable for baring oil-producing fruit or as a visible and tangible symbol of peace, visitors and residents of Israel will surely benefit and relish the results.''

Stop the War in Gaza!

Our Palestinian partners from BFTA, sent us this urgent appeal on behalf of the people of Gaza. We join their call to stop the war in Gaza now!

July 28, 2014

To all the friends and supporters of Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans.
We hope this message finds you well. We at BFTA would like to take this opportunity to share our feelings and concerns regarding the current ongoing situation in Gaza. more...

Sindyanna in The Guardian!

The Guardian published an article about Sindyanna today. Please read it, comment on it and forward it widely!

''We're creating real economic opportunities for Arabs and Jews by uniting producers around a common goal: supporting their families and achieving positive transformation in the community,'' says Hadas Lahav, chief executive of Sindyanna. ''And in doing so, we're showing international customers that the situation in the Middle East is not black and white. There is a will to create change.''

Oasis Rally on World Fair Trade Day

Yesterday (May 9) we held a protest rally at Oasis to prevent the placement of high tension electric cables over our Arab-Jewish organic olive grove in Roha, as well as over other agricultural lands in the area.

As Hadas Lahav, CEO of Sindyanna said, “the Jewish-Arab organic olive grove in Roha is Sindyanna’s answer to the so-called ‘price tag’ gangs that are spreading terror and hate between the two peoples”.

Read more about the project, the protest, and its coverage in the local media

Our Solidarity Rally on May 9th is now on the WFTDay calendar of events. Please join us if you can!

Also, read the WFTO's announcement ahead World Fair Trade Day - Fair Trade consumers and producers are the drivers of the growing Fair Trade industry.

URGENT - Sign the Petition to Save Our OASIS!

The OASIS project is a product of partnership between Sindyanna of Galilee Fair Trade Association and the Al-Juzour Association of landowners from Ara. It is the only olive grove in the local area which is managed by organic and intensive agricultural methods. It is a model and an inspiration to all the area’s farmers.

This article from Ha'aretz (in English or in French) provides the full story - please read it and then sign the petition!

Save OASIS, an Arab-Jewish Fair Trade organic olive grove

Press release – for immediate publication

A solidarity rally in the grove (Friday, May 9th, 10:00)

The organic plantation, named “Oasis – organic agriculture for solidarity between Arab and Israeli societies” is an innovative and unique project, established in December 2009. It turned 95 dunams (9.5 hectares) of uncultivated land in the Roha area of Wadi Ara into a modern organic olive grove. more...


Sindyanna of Galilee is a women-led association that operates in the Arab population of northern Israel. We produce award-winning fair trade organic olive oil, za'atar spice mixes, carob syrup, almonds, honey, olive oil soaps and handicraft made by Arab women in the Galilee region.

We strive to strengthen the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population in general and to enhance the empowerment of Arab women in particular. Our organization is a unique Arab-Jewish cooperation which shows that a solution to the Middle East conflict begins with creating real economic opportunities.

Five Stars from the Fair for Life Organization

Once again, Sindyanna and its award-winning olive oil received the highest possible performance rating of five leaves (stars) from the Fair for Life organization. Read more.

The photo below is of Wolfgang Kathe, the IMO inspector who visited us last October, with Nabeel Yunes who manages our olive grove.

Promoting Sindyanna in Italy

Roni Ben Efrat from Sindyanna of Galilee Fair Trade, together with Shatha Bannoura from the Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) and Gianni Toma from the Italian NGO COSPE, were invited by the Regional Legislative Council of the Emilia Romagna Region and other organizations to attend events marking Women International Day as representatives of Fair Trade Fair Peace (FTFP), a project funded within the EU program Partnership for Peace.

Read more about the visit and the FTFP project.

International Women's Day - March 8, 2014

On a local level, we'll be at the Ma'an event in Tel Aviv under the banner of Working Women Unite. On a global level, we're publicizing the World Fair Trade Organization's call urging governments to make a positive change in women's lives around the world through a Fair Trade agenda. And closest to our hearts, the Jerusalem Post ran an article about our very own Insaf.

You can find the article, the statement and more info on the event on our IWD 2014 page.

Welcoming spring by planting Za'atar

To get our Scottish Grove project ready for spring we held a volunteer workday yesterday (Feb. 22). The Scottish Grove is a social-agricultural initiative based on Arab-Jewish partnership.

About 50 people joined us in planting Za'atar seedlings among the olive trees, including friends and family from Sindyanna, the Scottish Church, and the Scots Hotel in Tiberias. Thank you to everyone who joined us. See photos in our facebook and in Willie Freiman page and read the words of Rev. Colin Johnston. See you at our next event!

Hadas Lahav - Woman of the Week!

Hadas Lahav, CEO of Sindyanna of Galilee, was interviewed in La'Isha Magazine's ‘Woman of the Week’ Feature, in January 27th issue. La’Isha is  Israel’s most prominent Women’s Magazine.

''Hadas Lahav is CEO of Sindyanna of Galilee, a Fairtrade association that provides employment for Arab women. The company’s olive oil has recently won first prize in the First Harvest (Rishon Hamasik) competition, run by Israel Olive Growers’ Association.''

Read the full article (translated into English).

Another Gold Medal for Sindyanna's Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the Gold Medal at First Harvest (Rishon Hamasik), naming it the best EVOO in Israel for 2014 in the small producer category. It is the second year in a row that Sindyanna of Galilee Fair Trade has recieved this prestigious prize.

Read more here (in Hebrew).

Sindyanna at the Sunbula Holiday Bazaar

On Nov. 23 we participated in the holiday bazaar for Fair Trade held by Sunbula at the French Cultural Center in Jerusalem. Dozens of manufacturing organizations from the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem participated in the annual event. The colorful and rich event was orchestrated by Linda and Shirabe from Sunbula, who spread their smiles all over the place and created a good atmosphere.

The prod

ucts on sale were mainly Palestinian handicrafts and embroidery articles, local delicatessen (such as jams, sweet and salty pastries), hand made jewelry and gifts. Our stand presented the products of the joint project Fair Trade Fair Peace, which is a cooperation with the Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans organization and the Italian organization COSPE. This is a unique cooperation of Israeli, Palestinian and international organizations.

Read more about the project in general and about the lovely bazaar in particular.

Delicious Recipe Using Sindyanna's Products

Sindyanna is not only the Scottish Church's partner in the Scots Grove, but also supplies products to the Scots Hotel in Tiberias. To see how Anat Ottolenghi, the hotel's chef, uses Sindyanna's olive oil and za'atar, head over to YouTube. In the video she prepares the perfect dish for these hot summer days - goat cheese wrapped in bread crumbs and za'atar, deep fried in olive oild, and served on a bed of goat milk yogurt and mint. Enjoy!

Organic Olive Groves 

Sindyanna of Galilee has initiated a number of projects based on our core values of land preservation, environmental considerations, and commerce according to the principles of fair trade. Read more


Contact Information

Sindyanna of Galilee

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